Again we are in the book of Esther. I have just loved going through this book. I hope you will go along with me! Last time I wrote about which season we find ourselves in, the season of preparation or the season to act. We should find ourselves in one of those seasons. Through the […]

LoveFIT July Challenge 

 “Do it, and then you will feel motivated to do it.” Zig Ziglar. It is so true we can’t wait until we feel like exercising, we just have to do it. Making small changes everyday will make you stronger. Just wait until day 31. You will be so proud of yourself for what you have […]

Direct my path Lord 

Lately I have truly been seeking the Lord and examining my path.  I want the Lord directing my path but I seem to get in the way a lot of the time. I find myself saying yes to too many things, good things, God things, but what I’ve discovered is that although it may be […]

Knowing the Truest Love

Hopefully most of us have felt loved at some point in our lives.  When we got married or when we had our children.  God allows us to experience love here on earth so we can begin to understand just a glimpse of the love that He feels for us. I think the closest I can relate […]

Looking Back

Do you ever look back? It’s important we don’t allow our past to define us but there are times when we need to look back and see how far God has brought us. This past week the Lord has had me looking back at the past year.  When looking back I have been able to […]


In Genesis we learn that God formed out bodies from the earth.  Our body acts like a temporary house containing our soul and spirit. Below is a declaration and prayer that will help us recognize our carnal desires and break its desires by the power of the Holy Spirit. Dear Lord, I know that my […]